Teacher Advantages

  • Profound and steady foreign teaches resources
  • Level cleared foreign teacher system: The Philippines teachers, Europe and United States teachers (primary, intermediate, advanced, expert)
  • Course management system helps to arrange foreign teachers

System Advantages

  • Built by international development teams, leading online education technology
  • Teaching system and course management system are powerful
  • Used by thousands of schools and universities: Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, etc.

Course Advantages

  • Customized and rich choreographed of speaking and writing courses and specialist courses
  • Free trial class for oral English, draw up personalized course for the students after level test
  • Partners according to their own requests to combine courses flexibly

Cooperation Requirements

The institution has been established for at least a year

Excellent new enrollment and operation capability

Identifying with the corporate culture of First Future, and long-term cooperating with our training, supervision and management

Knowing about the local language training market, with a certain brand awareness and penetration

Having a certain understanding and mastering of IT and profound knowledge of development trend of online education

Having excellent industry reputation and business integrity

Application Process

Understand and Consult

Online Application

Material Examination and Verification (2 Workdays)

Contract Negotiation and Agreement

Construct The Net School (7 Workdays)

Enroll New Students and Operate

Support System

Teacher Team Support

We have high quality teachers team construction, systematic coordination management of the teachers, and objective elimination mechanism according to teaching grading.

Courseware Upgrading Support

We have high quality teachers team construction, systematic coordination management of the teachers, and objective elimination mechanism according to teaching grading.

Customer Service Training

We are responsible to build a Omni-directional customer service team. We also offer systematic training to the customer service team, and also provide team building consults regularly.

System Platform Support

Our international technology development team will always maintain the website stable, and stands in the forefront international technology.

Net School Operation Support

We are 100% responsible for setting up a full process net school, and provide 100% maintenance of the net school operation. We also offer the net school operation 100% for free.

Technical Maintenance Support

We provide 24 hour uninterrupted technical support, and 365-day seamlessly technology service.

Cooperation Model

To build an equal B2B cooperation mode is the direction of First Future; to help excellent institution profit is the motivation of First Future; to meet win-win and common prosperity is the purpose of First Future.

Free Cooperation

First Future joints our mature operation model of net school to the existing operation system of our partner, and help our partners to build up their exclusive net school for the first time.

Online teaching platform + pure foreign teachers + English interactive courseware = online service of individualized English education We will increase revenue as well as improve the teaching quality.

First Giving Up Then Win-Win

First Future receives the conception of first giving up and then gaining. We form a development community with our partners, and help them to establish themselves in the online education market through our mature operation mode.

Save money: Crossing the technical threshold, you can your own net school without any financial expenditure.

Save effort: Crossing teacher resource threshold, you can own your own high quality international teacher team without stepping out.

Save worry: First Future will be responsible for setting up net school, managing teachers and students and arranging courseware and so on. The cooperative institutions work only on new enrolling.

Professional Segmentation

First Future will divide the online education chains, providing independent net school, excellent foreign teacher team, unified teaching management, full teaching service and personalized courseware support.

First Future views that, cooperative partners expend more business, we will consolidate the base camp. So that both of us will focus more on industry differentiate on and research and improvement of our products, and meet the challenge of the future trends together.

First Future

  • Provide net school training
  • Provide foreign teacher resources
  • Provide curriculum content
  • Develop new curriculum and new applications

Training Institution

  • Responsible for marketing, admissions, and fees
  • Manage students
  • Manage net schools
  • Coordinate First Future English teachers


  • Register, attend trial class, and pay for class
  • Book class, attend class, and reschedule class
  • Take the test and evaluation

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